HSE/GED/TASC/HiSET Prep (Unit 1 – Arithmetic) (Udemy)

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The first unit to help you pass your Math High School Equivalency test (GED, TASC, HiSET) – Free Course (1) Course and Unit Introduction Videos HSE Prep Course Introduction Unit 1 Overview Place Value Rounding Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers Adding and Subtracting Decimals Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Answer Keys […]

A basic Arithmetic Course (Udemy)

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Awesome tips and tricks to solve problems with absolute confidence. Subscribe now to get your sureshot key for success. (1) Number System Introduction Types of Number System Face and Place Value Types of Numbers Divisiblity Test Fast Track Tips and Tricks Factors and Multiples Introduction to LCM LCM by Prime Factorisation LCM by Division Method […]

Fractions (Khan Academy)

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Understanding fractions conceptually, using operations with fractions, and converting fractions. (1) Understanding fractions Introduction to fractions Identifying fraction parts Recognizing fractions exercise Recognize fractions 1 Identifying numerators and denominators Identify numerators and denominators Plotting basic fractions on the number line Fractions on the number line Fraction word problem: pizza Add and subtract fractions: word problems […]

Decimals (Khan Academy)

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Understanding decimals conceptually, using operations with decimals, rounding and estimating with decimals, and converting decimals. (1) Conceptualizing decimals and place notation Decimal place value Decimals in written form 1 Decimals in written form 2 Decimals in expanded form 1 Decimals in expanded form 2 Decimals in expanded form Comparing decimal place values Compare decimal place […]

Negative numbers and absolute value (Khan Academy)

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Extending our understanding of numbers below 0. Thinking about “absolute” distance from 0. (1) Negative number basics Intro to negative numbers Negative numbers on the number line Missing numbers on the number line examples Missing numbers on the number line Ordering negative numbers Ordering negative numbers Number opposites (2) Adding and subtracting negative numbers Number […]

Multiplication and division (Khan Academy)

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Multiplying and dividing positive and negative whole numbers, understanding place value, and rounding numbers. (1) Concept of multiplication and division Intro to multiplication Multiplication as groups of objects More ways to multiply The idea of division (2) Basic multiplication Number line 1 Whole numbers on the number line Basic multiplication Multiply 1-digit numbers Multiplication 2: […]

Addition and subtraction (Khan Academy)

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Adding and subtracting positive and negative whole numbers. Starts with 1+1=2 and covers carrying, borrowing, and word problems. (1) Intro to addition and subtraction Basic addition Add within 5 Basic subtraction Subtract within 5 (2) Adding and subtracting within 20 Example: Adding two digit numbers (no carrying) Add within 20 Subtraction 2 Subtracting 14 – […]

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is perhaps the best known free collection of online courses. The subjects span a great range of topics, including everything from math and science to art history. According to their about page: Our mission is to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere. A full list of the subjects they offer is […]